Hungry Hungry UFOs

2011 winner of Indiecade’s LG Mobile Innovative Game Award!

Hungry Hungry UFOs was created in 48 hours at Indiecade’s sponsored 3D Mobile GameJam. The game plays in stereoscopic glasses-free 3D on an android phone. Using networked multiplayer, players pilot differently colored UFOs competing to suck up the most buildings in a persistently generated city!

Developed August 2011

Working on this game was a blast! I started a team with two other game-design students from USC, and we quickly brainstormed the initial concept, and then applied our individual talents to complete the majority of the game in quick, short bursts. In addition to contributing to the overall design of the gameplay, I built the 3D models, and designed all the interface graphics for the game.

Genre: 3D Multiplayer Shooter
Engine: Unity
Role: Designer/Modeler/UI Artist

Glasses-Free 3D!

Hungry Hungry UFOs was developed in Unity for the  LG Thrill 4G, a phone with a glasses-free 3D display similar to the technology found in the Nintendo 3DS.

Demo shown on request.