First Post!

Woo hoo! Just set up a brand new portfolio website for myself.


This marks the end of a simple game portfolio, and the beginning of my career as a certified blogger boy! In addition to hosting information on all the projects I’ve been working on, this site has now been wrestled to the ground, strangled by the neck, and forced to be my own personal development blog. It will be subjected to the abuse of my personal ramblings and my inner most feelings. Useful information will be shared, but not guaranteed!

The plan is to post relevant updates at least once a week. I’ll mostly be pontificating about my senior game project, Forestwalker, but other topics may float to the surface. Whatever’s on my mind, really.

Over the next week I’ll be heavily editing the layout, content, look and feel of my handy new site. Until then, please visit my old portfolio site here: [Requires Flash]


Resume Here: