My Games

Midnight Star

Developed June 2012 – Jan 2015

Genre: On-Rails Shooter
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Role: Game Designer, Level Designer

Designed for touch devices, Midnight Star combines intuitive control with intense action and emergent system-based enemy AI. The game features a singleplayer campaign, and an asynchronous multiplayer mode.

While working on the project, I designed and built 8 of the game’s 14 levels. Because we’re a small studio I wore a lot of hats on this project. I built the game’s tutorial levels, helped prototype the initial game mechanics, managed two level designers, and handled implementation of audio assets across the project, among other miscellany.

Relevant skills: Unreal Editor, Kismet Scripting, Unrealscript, 3DS Max, Excel

Website [here]
Download [here]


Playthroughs of a couple of my levels:

Playing map “Late To The Party” for an office multiplayer bout on our live stream Twitch channel.

Context: Levels can be played both in story mode, or for clout in multiplayer challenges. This challenge is a speed-run. I explain where hidden powerups are that reduce your play-time clock. Enemies have their loot drop settings cranked up really high for this match, so there is an abnormally high amount of particle effects flying at the screen.

Playing through map “Headed For Destruction” during a studio multiplayer tournament on our office’s Twitch stream.

Context: The tournament organizer set up the difficulty of the session so that players would die in one hit, and only get points from killing enemies with headshots. The player with most headshots won the challenge.



Developed May 2011 – May 2012, Nov 2014 – Present

Genre: 2D Action-Strategy Brawler
Engine: Cocos 2D
Role: Lead Designer

Forestwalker is a 2D iPad game where you protect a group of heroes traveling through a dark forest. It’s a game about team management, where heroes attack on their own. Your role is to position them on a grid in real-time to respond to threats as they throw themselves at you. The project was originally a student project, and has recently been picked back up, completed, and released on the app store

My Role:

On the project I held a variety of different roles. I helped prototype and design out the core game from the start of the project, led meetings to design features, documented the game, wrote detailed design specs that our engineers could use to implement features, scripted all of our game’s levels, tested our game’s systems with users and balanced the game data accordingly, and coded various UI elements such as our 3-star reward feedback animation.

Outside of actual game development, I was also responsible for designing and building Forestwalker’s WordPress site.

Relevant skills: Xcode, Objective-C, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Download (iPad only) [iPad App Store]
Website [here]


Hungry Hungry UFOs

2011 winner of Indiecade’s LG Mobile Innovative Game Award!

Hungry Hungry UFOs was created in 48 hours at Indiecade’s sponsored 3D Mobile GameJam. The game plays in stereoscopic glasses-free 3D on an android phone. Using networked multiplayer, players pilot differently colored UFOs competing to suck up the most buildings in a persistently generated city!

Developed August 2011

Working on this game was a blast! I started a team with two other game-design students from USC, and we quickly brainstormed the initial concept, and then applied our individual talents to complete the majority of the game in quick, short bursts. In addition to contributing to the overall design of the gameplay, I built the 3D models, and designed all the interface graphics for the game.

Genre: 3D Multiplayer Shooter
Engine: Unity
Role: Designer/Modeler/UI Artist

Glasses-Free 3D!

Hungry Hungry UFOs was developed in Unity for the  LG Thrill 4G, a phone with a glasses-free 3D display similar to the technology found in the Nintendo 3DS.

Demo shown on request.

Paradox Shift

Developed June 2010 – July 2011

Genre: First-Person Action-Puzzler
Engine: Unreal Development Kit
Role: Level Designer

Unravel the mystery behind the destruction of the massive Grand Canyon Dam both before it was completed and after it is obliterated. Paradox Shift is a 3D adventure game where you have the ability to shift between two distinct time periods at the click of a button. Warp back and forth to traverse levels and solve puzzles.

While working on the project, I built a 3D level from the ground up. My level introduces enemies the player must dodge and defeat using time-travel mechanics.

Relevant skills: Kismet scripting, Unreal Editor, 3D modelling




Captain Constructo

Genre: Shoot-Em-Up
Engine: Flash
Role: Designer, Programmer, Artist

Collect, Build and Conquer in this shoot-em-up meets action strategy game. You are Captain Constructo, a space captain on a mission for intergalactic justice. Using hyper-adaptive plating technology, collect parts from fallen enemies and attach them to your ship to vanquish all in your path!

Download [here]




Genre: Adventure/Puzzle
Engine: Flash CS4
Role: Designer/Programmer

Rain is a journey through a barren world destroyed by nature. Where has everyone gone? This game is a work in progress, serving as a canvas for our great animator, and as a test-bed for our team to develop and learn physics engines within Flash.

Download [here]




Genre: Action/Adventure Platformer
Engine: Allegro (C++ library)
Role: Designer/Environment Artist

D4S-Station was made in just 48 hours during the 2010 Global Game Jam. Play as a confused monkey equipped with a strange weapon that has fallen into his cave home. Use the gun to destroy terrain and enemies, or build your own terrain with its secondary-fire option.

Download [here]




Genre: Minigame/Action-Strategy
Engine: Flash CS4
Role: Co-Creator/Artist/Designer

Microcosmic is a game created for the Global Game Jam 2009 in which you control a small planet. As houses of different colored clans fall onto the planet, you must rotate and stack houses to the moon before time runs out. Careful, different clans do NOT get along!

Download [here]


The Towers Effect


Genre: Action-Platform-Puzzler
Engine: Unity
Role: Environment Artist

The Towers Effect is a physics-based platformer in which you, a young scientist named Theo, become an unlikely hero when an experiment goes horribly wrong. Convert matter into hypermatter and use it’s various properties to surmount the many obstacles you face.

Website [here]